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I decided to creat this blog to tell my story as I begin to create a book.

I’m really not sure how I will be formulating it as it’s all so new. But I’m telling my story on how I’ve found my way to greatness. It’s a journey that will never end.


Take inventory of your day, week, month.


Sometimes visions, dreams, feelings, smells and sounds come to me. It’s never expected and it’s never something I attempt to make happen. It just happens. When it does it’s Always on point. So I’ve decided that it’s time to start documenting them. 2 months ago I had a dream. I heard a woman’s voice say “check under the scar.” I saw a vertical scar on a stomach. There’s only one person I know with a scar like that. I reached out to my friend who has this scar and asked him to get checked out. He told me I was crazy. A week later he had blood work done. It came out normal. Later he told me that he has hernias that need to be removed but it’s been ongoing. This friend is toxic and I suspect it has to do with his stomach pain among other things, so I have distanced myself and decided to focus on sending LOVING energy and prayers from a distance. Last night I had another dream (I don’t remember my dreams very often.) I saw him with a little boy, He was very calm which is unusual. I said, “your energy is different, your so calm.” He said, “I looked under the scar.” And I woke up.

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